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Welcome to St Andrew the Apostle School, a faith-based Christian school with the highest aspirations for all of our pupils.

It is an incredibly exciting time in the life of our school: we can see the diggers in the fields next door as our wonderful new buildings take shape; we have assembled a leadership team with a track record of delivering success both here and elsewhere; and our pupils have just achieved a record set of GCSE grades, with a positive value-added score of almost half a grade per subject.

But we know that a great school is about so much more than academic results. Our supportive, inclusive environment is one where every child is known and valued. Our student and staff body is diverse, and we welcome those from all faiths and none. Sport, music and the arts are all flourishing here. Visitors comment on the friendliness of our school, its community feel and our Christian ethos. They also recognise the focus of our students as they strive to achieve in the classroom and outside of it.

Our values of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Forgiveness and Fairness provide the basis on which we develop the young people in our care. When they leave our school, our students will know and understand their place in the world, be accepting of others and have a positive mind-set which will enable them to excel in all they do. Excellence, said Aristotle, is a habit, not a single action; we are in the habit of developing outstanding young people through the cultivation of the right values and ethos right from the start of their time with us.

Our high performing, Christian school was established in 2013, from the faith, vision and commitment of a wide group of local parents from the Greek Orthodox community and the Church itself. The school is part of and supported by the Russell Education Trust (https://www.russelleducationtrust.org.uk/), which has opened four other highly successful free schools across the south of England.

We are a growing and successful school but we are unusual within Barnet in that we often take families from outside of the borough, who are committed to accessing the excellence that they can see in abundance here. We know that choosing a secondary school is one of the most important decisions a child and a parent can make. Our website will give you an indication of the wonderful opportunities that our school can offer.

Please do contact us if you any questions or wish to tour the school. We look forward to extending a warm welcome.

If you have a moment, you could listen to me in conversation with one of our founding Governors, Theo Theodorou about the new school buildings, our connections with the local community, our academic successes and much more below: 

LGR Education Hour with Theo Theodorou

Dr Philip Hills