Pastoral Structure

pupils at desk in classroom
We believe that outstanding pastoral care is one of the fundamental cornerstones to ensuring students feel safe and happy throughout their secondary education. Every member of staff has a role to play in pastoral care and we have a clear pastoral structure to ensure each student is fully supported during their time at St Andrew the Apostle.

The school is divided into year groups, each with its own Head of Year. Each student is placed in a tutor group with a form tutor who takes a special and supportive interest in that group.

Tutor groups for 2020-21 are as follows:

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Year Leader: Mrs E. De-Freitas

Year 8

Year Leader:  Ms D.Walt

Year 9

Year Leader Mr J.Francis

7H Ms N.Chenouf

7O Mr O.Walch

7P Mrs J.Joseph-Brown

7E  Mr T. Donaldson

8P Ms E.Kupeli

8S Mrs R.Begum

8A  Ms C.Galazoula

8L Ms N.Laabaed

8M  Mr D.Ahmed

9T Ms M.Pavlou

9H Mr M.Liu

9E Ms L.McDonnell & Mrs S.Munye

9O Ms S. Constantinides

9S Mrs K.Taffe

Key Stage 4

Year 10

Year Leader: Mrs K. Beddoes

Year 11

Year Leader: Ms S.Naidu

10S Mrs S.Halil

10A Mr K.Lasithiotakis

10I Mr R.London

10N Mr M.Dogan

10T Ms A.Athanasiou

11G Ms E.Camberis

11O Ms A.Sorgente

11S Ms N.Kurland & Mrs A.Nicholas

11P Mrs S.Mahmud-Smith & Mr G.Smolenski

11E Ms M.Palos

11L Mr R.Browell

6th Form

Year 12 Year 13

12A Mr A.Pappas

12O Mrs K.Nicolaou & Mrs C.Ayres

13A Mrs K.Joseph

13O Mrs A.Koveri