Dress Code

Pupils and teacher outside

Dress Code

St Andrew the Apostle Sixth Form students should be setting an example to our younger students and are expected to dress appropriately.

Post 16 students are not required to wear uniform but must dress appropriately for school in a casual but smart manner. They should remember that:

All Sixth form students will be required to wear lanyards with their ID on display at all times.

Tracksuits are banned.

Wearing hats indoors is forbidden.

Hooded clothing may only be worn with the hood up in extreme weather conditions and not in the building.

Wearing Football shirts or scarves are not allowed.

Inappropriate slogans must not be worn on clothing.

Black jeans and trousers are to be smart and without rips or holes.

Outdoor coats must be removed when in the buildings.

Shorts are not appropriate for school.

Skirts and tops should be of an appropriate style and length.

Appearance is required to be smart and in line with the main school Years 7 to 11. Specifically:

    • Hair should be neat and tidy of uniform length (i.e. without a ‘step’ or patterns cut in it), not cropped, shaven or dyed. Cult or eccentric styles are not permitted.
    • Body piercings and tattoos are not acceptable. Apart from the ears, not other visible body piercing is allowed.

If there are certain cases where there is uncertainty with regards to student’s attire, the final decision will be that of the Head of Sixth Form or member of SLT. If a student arrives to school dressed inappropriately, or not following the school regulations, they will be sent home to change or have items confiscated.