Exam Results - August 2020

pupils at desk in classroom

Year 13

First Ever A Levels Awarded to Our Founding Students

Our Founding students had faith in our school’s vision when they chose us in Year 7 and they continued with their belief in us when they became our first sixth form students. Their faith, dedication and desire to excel has been borne out in a wonderful set of results. We are very proud of the accomplishments of all our students, but some individuals have really shone this year:

Andrianna C achieved grade A’s in History, Psychology and Philosophy & Ethics.

Stavros K achieved 2 grade A’s in History and Economics and a grade B in Mathematics.

Sevi K achieved grade A’s in History and Philosophy & Ethics, and a Distinction in BTEC Business. Marianna C achieved grade A’s in Psychology and English Literature, a grade B in Mathematics.

Yulianna D achieved 2 grade A’s in Biology and Chemistry and a Grade C in Mathematics.

These grades and those received by our students reflect just how hard students and staff members have worked to achieve these outcomes. I would like to thank publicly all involved: the students in our founding year group, their parents, and the staff at our school and the Russell Education Trust. The collective success demonstrates not only how continuity in education is so important for successful outcomes but also how our community embodies our motto: Ever to Excel. Mike Michael, Senior Deputy Headteacher, stated, “Our staff members know our learners really well, meaning they get the individual support they require to be successful. We wish all our students ever success in their next steps.” These Year 13 students have set the standard for future years and we are incredibly proud of what they have achieved and the young women and men who have now taken the next steps in their education or careers. 

Year 11

Students' Efforts Recognised in Wonderful GCSE Grades

This has been a very challenging year for all school students and the significant disruption to education has been felt most keenly by those who should have taken their final exams this summer.

Our school has a track record of academic excellence and this year, despite the difficulties faced, is no different. Our students have achieved incredibly well across the full range of GCSE qualifications and will continue to do so next year and beyond I am sure.

Whilst these results have come about in unusual way this year, they are no less of an achievement and we as a school would like to congratulate all our students on these outcomes, having navigated an incredibly stressful period.

Our staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure that students were in a position to do well and we have strived to ensure that students have been given every chance to pursue their chosen next steps.

There were some excellent individual performances with a host of students gaining impressive sets of grades, including a good number of the harder to attain grade 9s:

Victoria D: 10 x Grade 9; 1 x Grade 8; 1 x Grade 6

Saihan M: 10 x Grade 9; 1 x Grade 8

Melody S: 5 x Grade 9; 3 x Grade 8; 3 x Grade 7

Elias W: 3 x Grade 9; 5 x Grade 8; 3 x Grade 7

Alex I: 3 x Grade 9; 3 x Grade 8; 4 x Grade 7

Andreas N: 2 x Grade 9; 6 Grade 8; 3 X Grade 7

Dhruti Al: 1 Grade 9; 7 x Grade 8; 2 x Grade 7

The overall results indicate that our students have performed at levels above national averages in many subjects with outstanding performances in English, Mathematics and Science. I am absolutely delighted that so many of our students have done so well. The students have worked incredibly hard and I applaud their commitment and determination. They have achieved high grades across a broad range of disciplines. I would also like to recognise the dedication of the St Andrew the Apostle staff who have worked very hard to ensure that our students achieve excellent results.

Michael Vassiliou, Senior Deputy Headteacher