Sixth Form Courses

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We provide A level and equivalent courses that enable the majority of our students who wish to stay on or join our Sixth Form with the options and pathways they need to go on to higher education.

Choosing the right courses is clearly crucial to success in the Sixth Form. For some of you this will be easy, as your talents lie in a particular area of the curriculum. For others, there could be a range of subjects, all of which appeal to you.

When you choose St Andrew the Apostle Sixth Form, a member of staff will talk with you about your higher education and career aspirations. They will then advise you about suitable courses in the Sixth Form. Nevertheless, this task is a shared one.

If you have a particular university course in mind, then look at the entry requirements to help you make an informed choice. Remember too that some courses are so over-subscribed that even having three A grades might not be enough to secure a place, so choosing a subject which you like, but don’t usually score very highly in, could damage your chances of getting in.

Vocational pathways at Level 3 are available to the needs and aspirations of the cohort and to integrate with the developing pattern of local post 16 provision.

For some students, who are not immediately ready for Level 3 further education, we will offer appropriate pathways to enable them to progress to level 3 courses in our Sixth Form or to other local Further Education.

These are exactly the kind of issues and options we will discuss with you before you make your final choice. This task is a shared one.

Entry Requirements

We expect students entering the Sixth Form to achieve five GCSEs at 9 to 5 including English Language and Maths. For those taking three A Levels, students need eight GCSEs at 9 to 5.

Students must then meet the specific entry requirements of each course (usually a 6 or equivalent at GCSE for A Level courses).

Information about this can be found in our Course Booklet.

“The thing I am looking forward to about the 6th Form here
is the ability to specialise in my best subjects.” 
Founding Student

 * all courses are dependent on demand

*A Level Courses

Business Studies
English Literature
Further Mathematics
Philosophy & Ethics