Catering and Healthy Eating

Pupils and teacher outside

Our students need a healthy breakfast and a nutritional lunch every day. We know that hungry children cannot concentrate and cannot learn, which in turn knocks confidence. Good nutrition is critical to a child’s achievement.

At St Andrew the Apostle School, we aim to meet or exceed the governments food and nutrition standards. We do not have vending machines filled with fizzy drinks, crisps and sweets on the premises.

We ensure that, wherever possible:

      • Fresh ingredients will be used, not processed convenience food.
      • Food will be baked not fried.
      • Salt levels will be low.
      • Ingredients will be locally sourced, free range and organic.

St Andrew the Apostle School works with Innovate IFG to provide hot and cold food for students at breakfast, morning break and lunch time. Menus are updated termly, and rotate to ensure that students have a range of options available to them. The catering team also offer seasonal menus.

Our diners are cashless facilities. Payment for school dinners is taken via Parent Pay.

Innovate IFG is happy to cater for students with dietary needs, such as gluten or dairy free diets. A number of the menu items linked above are available in gluten or dairy free formats, but the team do need to know in advance if students will want these so they can be prepared specially. 

If your child has a gluten or dairy free diet and wishes to purchase items from the canteen, they will need to inform the school so that a suitable option is available for them. 

To find out more about Innovate IFG, please visit their website: Innovate | Impact Food Group