Extra Curricular

pupils at desk in classroom

Each school day will ensure there are plenty of opportunities for enrichment and additional activities. 

Sixth Form students will be expected to take part in extra-curricular activities after school and will be enabled to set up their own clubs and societies for themselves and for the benefit of younger students.

We expect a wide and rich offer of music, sporting and academic clubs and societies: all ideas are welcome! 

Our first thoughts include:

  • Basketball
  • Recording Studio
  • Fitness & yoga gym
  • Debating society
  • History Club
  • Drama & Theatre
  • Sixth Form Choir
  • Bands
  • Charities Club
  • Coding Club

Team sports will inevitably include basketball, football, rugby, cricket and netball clubs which will run weekly with regular matches played against local schools.

We will also run badminton, rounders, tennis, volleyball, dodgeball and trampoline clubs to cater for those who wish to get involved but perhaps not on a competitive basis.

There will also be ad hoc sports events for fun between 6th formers and Year 11.

Links with local gyms, pools and sports centres will allow students the opportunity to go offsite to enjoy further sporting endeavours.

We recognise that there will be a lot of pressure on our Sixth Formers and we are fully committed to ensuring that they also have excellent opportunities to relax and enjoy their final two years of school.

Our brand new dedicated Sixth Form lounge, garden, decking area and silent study rooms, alongside toilets specifically for Sixth Formers will ensure a mature university style in our fabulous new building.