Extra Curricular

Pupils and teacher outside

We recognise that there will be a lot of pressure on our Sixth Formers and we are fully committed to ensuring that they also have excellent opportunities to relax and enjoy their final two years of school. We aim to ensure plenty of enrichment opportunities are available each day.

Sixth Form students are expected to take part in extra-curricular activities and will be able to set up their own clubs and societies for themselves and for the benefit of younger students. We expect a wide and rich offer of music, sporting and academic clubs and societies: all ideas are welcome! 

Additionally, Sixth Form students are expected to support our younger years and school community by engaging with lessons in younger year groups. Our current students are supporting in English (including with reading), French, maths, music, and a range of PE clubs and lessons. This is an integral part of their weekly timetable.

We have strong links with universities, including the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Both universities have welcome our students every year for tailor-made events on their grounds, and have visited our school for inspirational talks and workshops.

Students have also taken part in events led by Auschwitz project, Safe Drive event, outreach events, and UCAS events. Our Sixth Form band has been a very popular act in all our school shows. The choir and drama clubs are open to Sixth Form students, and we are in the process of securing an agreement with a local gym for students to be able to use and enjoy further sporting endeavours.

We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form buddying journalists: more than a newsletter, they have created a monthly publication which is relevant to current affairs, key evens and life for young people. It is thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike, who look forward to reading it each month.  

Sixth Formers enjoy dedicated social areas and study areas currently and there are plans for larger dedicated facilities for our sixth form students in our new building.