Character Education

pupils at desk in classroom

Mrs Indira Warwick

Our Christian values are respect, responsibility, caring, fairness, forgiveness, honesty and trustworthiness. They support the Christian ethos of the school and strong discipline in the classroom. The school is fully committed to exemplary behaviour at the heart of a highly cohesive school community. Students see their form tutors daily. The pastoral system plays a central role in academic success and personal development. The school’s approach is closely linked to our academic monitoring systems.

Our students are:

RESPECTFUL to each other and respect our school environment. They know that the staff are here to care and look after them and will make decisions which are faircompassionate and in the best interest of our school community.
RESPONSIBLE They are honest and say sorry if they have done something wrong. In our school community, we understand that forgiveness underpins our Christian faith. We trust each other and rely on each other to uphold the mission of our school.
RESILIENT Our school motto is ‘Ever to Excel.’ Our students always try their best and never give up knowing that they will be nurtured and supported to achieve their ambitions.

“The religious ethos in the school provides a strong base for the support of pupils’ personal development and welfare. Pupils speak with pride about their school and relationships in the school.” Ofsted 2018