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St Andrew

St Andrew the Apostle School
Accessibility Plan



The school is on two sites and is fully accessible to all students, including wheelchair users. There is a lift from the ground floor to the first floor in Building 5 and a lift from the ground floor to the school area in Building 4.

The school has a medical, SEND, and disabilities register for all year groups. 

Increasing the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the school's curriculum:


    • Students with significant health needs have Healthcare Plans, drawn up by the school in conjunction with parents/carers and associated medical professionals. 
    • The school makes appropriate provision and trains staff as required to accommodate students with particular needs.
    • All students will access the curriculum and setting in core subjects will allow students to make rapid and sustained progress regardless of their starting point.
    • Class sizes will remain reasonable (typically below 30) and additional interventions and support for numeracy and literacy will support students to access the curriculum.
    • The school is inclusive in line with its philosophy and legal requirements and there are no known barriers to any child accessing classrooms, activities or any part of the curriculum.
    • The school will review at least annually the disability profile of the cohort and adjust provision and plans as required.
    • In addition to this annual review the school will assess the needs of any new or prospective in-year transfer.
    • There is adequate disabled toilet provision and a hygiene room.
    • The mini-buses (used for extra-curricular activities) include disabled access and seating.
    • We currently have the following students who have specific accessibility needs:


      • Two students with cerebral palsy who require differentiated learning and occasional learning breaks but who can access both buildings in the same way as other students
      • Two students with Marfan syndrome who can access both buildings in the same way as other students
      • Two students with mild hearing impairments who require adjustment to seating

Improving the physical environment of the school for the purpose of increasing the extent to which disabled pupils are able to take advantage of education and benefits, facilities or services provided or offered by the school:

2022 onwards

      • The needs of future cohorts and any staff appointed with disabilities will be assessed and provision made as they arise.
      • Annual reviews of physical accessibility will be undertaken.

2023 onwards

      • Our new permanent site will be designed carefully to ensure full access for all.

Improving the delivery to disabled pupils of information which is readily accessible to pupils who are not disabled.

  • The website contains most of the information available to parents and students that is required. The school also uses an online learning platform to set homework – ClassCharts  
  • School signage will be large enough (large font) and at a height which can be read easily by any student including those in wheelchairs.
  • School signs will make clear where access points and exits points are including disabled signs and disabled toilets.
  • IWB technology will enable all students to access information readily regardless of their disability and will be adjusted, where appropriate for students, known to the school already, who suffer hearing loss.
  • Where appropriate, disabled students will be equipped with laptop, reading pen or other new technologies to assist them in accessing information and learning including practical subjects such as technology and PE.
  • Where appropriate and if required, specialist ergonomic furniture will be purchased to enable those with a disability to learn.



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